18 Things To Remember As You Transition Into 2014

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18 Things To Remember As You Transition Into 2014

By Dr. Steven Lambert

  1. NOTHING! — of the vicissitudes of 2013! — Php. 3:13
  2. Don’t measure 2014 by 2013! Be HOPEFUL and FAITH-FUL!
  3. What Satchel Page said (paraphrased): “Don’t drive staring into your rear-view mirror” — if you do, there’s an inevitable CRASH in your future!
  4. Your present circumstances do not define YOU or your FUTURE! Rather, both are defined by who Christ is in you and who you are in Christ!
  5. Your present circumstances are not the measure of who you are or will be, or what you can accomplish — Who you are in Christ and Who Christ is in you is!
  6. Place your hope for the new year in the Champion of our Salvation, Christ Jesus, not your present circumstances! Believe past the lying limitations of your circumstances.
  7. Boundaries to achievement are only the figment of your imagination; they’re only real if you believe them.
  8. The only real chains binding you from being what God made you to be and accomplish are the imaginary chains of your own thinking that the devil (“the father of lies”) has convinced you are real and therefore effective.
  9. God’s plan for your life is unstoppable and undefeatable — because He’s God and it’s HIS plan! The only person who can stop and defeat it is YOU!
  10. If you were genuinely Born Again and thereby became a “new creation in Christ,” you may not yet be all you WANT to be or WILL be, but thank God you’re not what you USED to be!
  11. All along the highway of your life are posted signs that read, “Construction Zone,” because you’re still a “work in progress,” and it will only be when you’ve “Gone The Last Mile of The Way” and transitioned into Heaven that you’ll see the sign on streets of gold that reads, “End of Construction!” So don’t be overly hard on yourself for your faults, flatsides, and failures, or receive the condemnatory and censorial criticisms of your enemies — “…we have this TREASURE in EARTHEN vessels, so that the surpassing greatness of the power will be of God and not from ourselves; (2 Cor. 4:7)!” Perfection will only come after the Last Trumpet finally sounds and we receive the redemption of our bodies with the removal of the sin nature (Rom. 8:23).
  12. CONSIDER “problems” that come your way as GOD’S problems, and CONFRONT them with His power and might — putting on the full armor of God and utilizing all the spiritual weapons of “OUR warfare,” which is a warfare against unseen, unnatural, non-fleshly spiritual foes and forces!
  13. TROUBLE is TRANSITION toward TRIUMPH in disguise.
  14. Delays are not denials; roadblocks are not recalls; detours are not dead-ends; frustrations are not final. The God we serve is the “Way-maker” who has sworn to make a “roadway in the wilderness” and “rivers in the desert” (Isa. 43:19)! In other words, if you continue believing Him and don’t give up, He’ll make a way where there is no way, for He IS “The WAY!”
  15. Your personal finish-line is where you stop believing God. If you’ve reached it, you are indeed finished.
  16. Failure is self-declared. The only person who can effectively define you as a failure is YOU! You aren’t a failure unless you believe you are. You haven’t failed unless you believe you have.
  17. Truth is: You’re not finished until you’ve drawn your last breath…or drawn a line and said that’s as far as you can go!
  18. The person who says he can’t and the person who says he can are both right. (Henry Ford, paraphrased)


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