A Prophetic Word to the Remnant Church

Received by Steven Lambert: 11/17/87 @ 3:15 A.M.

In this hour the cloud of My Spirit is moving in a different manner than in times past. I am restoring the ministry of the Prophet to My Church. I am building My Church. These two work in tandem — the pillar of fire (Revelation and Purity in Truth and Doctrine) in the darkness and the cloud of My very Presence (My Glory) by day.

I shall reveal more of myself in this coming Glory. I shall release more of My Glory unto the perception of the eyes of men. They shall see more of Me. I shall do it through the revelation which has been stored up and hidden until now, revelation which can only be revealed by My Holy Apostles and Prophets. They can see it. They shall reveal it. Teachers cannot reveal it. Pastors cannot reveal it. Evangelists cannot reveal it. They had not been anointed or appointed unto this work. It is reserved for this time and for My Holy Prophets.

Many local churches shall begin to reel as a drunken man in failure with no answers and with no cure apparent to them, for success and My Glory and My Presence and My power shall be commensurately exposed to them that give heed to My chosen Servant, the Prophets. Believe My Prophets and have success. Disregard them and fail. This is my Word for this hour. For that which has fueled prior movements has been spent, it has been burned up, it has finished its course. Now, new illumination of My Word shall fuel this next great move of My Spirit under My very own direction and empowerment.

To the degree and in the manner that they receive my Servants, the Prophets, to this degree and in this manner do they receive Me, for they are My personal delegates for this hour. They are My personal envoys, My personal Messengers. They speak a Word from My very Own Mouth.

I shall personally undermine and dishonor those who undermine and dishonor my Prophets. As they receive My Prophets, so do they receive Me. This is My personal Testimony in this hour, for the Spirit of Prophecy is the Testimony of Jesus, the Head of the Church.

Many, however, shall reject Me, in the light of new illumination of My Word, for I shall reveal another side of Me, a side which they have seen not or known not, a side that only some of My Prophets have beheld as Moses beheld My backside as My Glory passed by. Those who reject Me as I am represented and as My Glory is manifested through My Prophets, I shall remove their candlestick.

Many, however, shall receive Me and be purified as gold is purified by the refiner’s fire. These shall I call My own, and they shall go in and out and find rest.

(Note: Italicized portions are explanations added by Dr. Lambert)

[Initially Posted: 11-06-98]

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