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The Former Things Have Come to Pass

Passe’ things (former things, things of the past) are dead things, things that have passed away. Living in passe’, obsolete, outdated modes, methods, paradigms, and dimensions is living in the flesh realm, which is the realm of the dead, the lifeless, the deceased, being infused with death. It profits and produces nothing, Jesus said. He also said to let the dead bury the dead, the lifeless, the deceased. But, Spirit-led believers must separate themselves from the flesh realm and move on into the “Land of the Living” — the dimension where God lives and where all things are alive and living, being infused with the Zoe-Life of God.

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Now I Declare New Things

God is the God of new things! He indicates multiple times in His self-authored Word that He specializes in declaring, decreeing, announcing, and thereby establishing new things! He is forever breaking molds, models, and methods, and casting new ones.

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Charismatic Captivation

Multitudes of sincere and trusting believers are caught in the virtually invisible web of religious captivation in Charismatic and other Neo-Pentecostal churches, and don’t know it. They are unaware victims of spiritual abuse and exploitation under the heavy-hand of hyper-authoritarianism. That is to say, the leadership of the church-group of which they are a part is dominating, controlling, and manipulating their followers, and exploiting them for their own personal gain and private kingdom-building.

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Dr. Steven Lambert 2012

A Prophetic Word to the Remnant Church

This appears to be your first visit to the SLM website — Welcome! We hope you enjoy your visit! Received by Steven Lambert: 11/17/87 @ 3:15 A.M. In this hour the cloud of My Spirit is moving in a different manner than in times past. I am restoring the ministry of the Prophet to My […]

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