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A Prophetic Word
To The Church Jesus is Building

Received and transmitted by:
Apostolic-Prophet Steven Lambert, ThD

Date Received: Wednesday, 12-11-91

Note 1: This prophecy was originally transmitted a few days after it was received to a particular local body of believers. However, "The New Apostolic Reformation" that is now beginning to take place makes it apparent that this is a Word from God, applicable to the entire Church, especially at this time. This is the reason it has been republished at this time.
Note 2: "{redacted}" indicates portions that have been omitted from this version because it was a word to the particular house in which the prophecy was originally addressed, and because this word came to pass with complete precision, it would be embarrassing or humiliating to the particular individuals to whom it was addressed and who did not heed the warnings given.
Note 3: Italicized portions enclosed in [brackets] are portions that have been modified to represent the expanded application of the Spirit at this time.

Thus saith the Lord, the only true and functional Head of the Church.

{redacted} Again I say unto you that I am building My Church saith the Lord, and I am building it according to the ordinance, the pattern, prescribed in My Word for My Church. Men try to build their churches, which are nothing more than religious clubs, and their kingdoms, but they are not authorized, they have not My seal, they have not My anointing, they operate by illegitimate authority, they have not a candlestick, saith the Lord. And, them that build such houses labor in vain, for it is not of My doing, saith the Lord. That which is appointed by Me — is anointed by Me, says Jesus. And, that which is anointed by Me, the glory of My presence will be tangible, it will be manifest so that you can feel it, so that you can perceive it, so that some can even see it. {redacted}

Now again I say unto you, verily, verily, I say unto you that I am establishing My government in [My House], the government which I have described in My Word, a government that is established upon and established by Apostles and Prophets, with Christ Jesus Himself being the Cornerstone who is directly related to those who I have appointed unto those apostolic and prophetic offices. And this very day, the day this Word is spoken, I am calling for the establishment of this government forthwith, the government according to the ordinance and the pattern in accordance with which I have commanded you to build. I am calling for the establishment of governing elders who are appointed and confirmed in the offices of apostle and prophet to govern in this [My church]. These shall pilot the ship and constitute the government in [My] house.

I have been standing at the door of [My House] and knocking, seeking entry as the High Apostle of the faith and the Preeminent Prophet, working and laboring and manifesting Myself and My ministry through My anointed and appointed delegates whom I have sent and whom I desire to set in in this house. Yet, you have refused to open the door and to invite Me in; you have refused Him who is speaking. When you reject and do not receive those whom I send in My stead, you reject Me and receive Me not, says the Spirit of Jesus. Some have been influenced by demons and ruling princes of darkness who stand in the doorway of the house, especially Jezebelic and humanistic princes who despise the true authority and who resist the government of God, who cry out in fear and trembling, "No! No! No! You cannot enter this house! This is My house, I rule here! You cannot come in here, lest I be no more the ruler and the power and the prince here!"

I remind you that it is I, Jesus, the Head of the Church which I purchased with My own Blood, who does the appointing and the setting in, and I do not ask for your consent or your approval or your second. Long ago, before the foundations of the world, before [any works anywhere were] begun I appointed and set in those who I have called to constitute the government for [My House]. When these, My appointed Elders with Fivefold anointing are set in, then shall the commissioning of [My House] come as an ordained branch of My Church. Yea, verily, the government shall be upon My shoulders, and My shoulders are My Apostles and Prophets in the Spirit.

Once again I say unto you, lest you be deceived in this matter — I have made My choice, and there must of necessity be distinctions among you, for some are called, anointed, and appointed for government, for the rule, for the pilotage of the ship, and some are not. And God has set in the Church: first, apostles, second, prophets, and third teachers.

This very day, the day that this message is being spoken, I, Jesus, am calling for those who are laymen, who are not of the Levitical Eldership, who have not been appointed and confirmed in Fivefold Ministry, not to think more highly of themselves than they ought in regard to their function, but to think so as to have sound judgment, recognizing their role, and the necessity of their willing subjection to Fivefold ministry which has been appointed by Me. I call for them to take their proper place of servitude and function. For I am declaring that if you will hearken unto all My instruction and all My counsel, then will I bring the Ark of My presence and of My Glory to this city and to this [geographical area]. But the Ark of My presence and of My glory must only be handled by the Fivefold Ministry Levites; for, if the Uzza's, that is, the laymen, touch it, there shall be an outbreak of the anger of God, and they shall surely be put to death by the hand of the Lord. This is the testimony of Jesus.

In this regard, you have some [laymen] among you who do err, who incessantly boast that they are the "leaders" in [My] house {redacted}. And, some of these are contentious in this matter. And, if they do not repent forthwith, I will demonstrate that they are not contending against mere men in this matter, but with the Sovereign God, for I have declared forthrightly in My Word:

"Let every person be in subjection to the (true) governing authorities. For there is no authority except from God, and those which exist are established by God. Therefore he who resists authority has opposed the ordinance of God; and they who have opposed will receive condemnation upon themselves...Wherefore it is necessary to be in subjection for the sake of wrath and of conscience."

And, among them also are those whose boastful and totally erroneous thoughts have been, "But, I have seniority!" I know your thoughts saith the Lord, and you do err, severely, in this regard, saith the Lord, for I do not operate by seniority or tenure, saith the Lord, but by My sovereignty in choosing, calling, and commissioning. And, I shall reprove you publicly lest you repent of this hypocrisy and heresy, says Jesus.

Yet, this is not the only error that has come forth from this place, saith the Lord. For there have been vain philosophies of men spoken that are erroneous, and there has been a spirit of error in operation here. And, I am coming to correct and reprove the error. I am coming to bring correction and reproof according to My Word, to discipline you as sons, and to chastise you, yea, with the strokes of men. I have commanded that you study to show yourself approved, a workman that needeth not to be ashamed, rightly dividing the Word of Truth, yet some who speak here, supposedly on My behalf, speak words contrary to My published Word, words incongruous with Holy Writ, and My wrath will go forth upon all those who purport to speak on My behalf who speak error, contrary to My Word. I am the Truth, and I have charged you to know the Truth, and the Truth will set you free, not relationships, but the Truth. You do err in this regard. I am the Truth, you must seek the Truth, that is, seek Me. I have called you to pursue sound doctrine and to refute the doctrines of demons. The Church is founded upon the Doctrines of Christ. It is the lack of the knowledge of the Truth that has kept My people reeling in bondage and destruction. Seek the Truth above all else. Speak the Truth in love. Know the Truth, be established in the Truth, speak the Truth, that is, sound doctrine.

I hear the bleating of hungry sheep in My ears, saith the Chief Shepherd of the Flock of God, sheep longing to be fed My Word, My pure, unadulterated, uncompromised Word. Yet, from the pulpit comes forth rancor, railing, bitterness, wrath, strife, condemnation, and clamor, and attempts to subjugate, dominate, and intimidate. I have charged My bond-servants to "Preach the Word," preach My Word, not your rancor and railing and retaliation. Woe unto the shepherds who have been dominating the sheep with force and severity, who did not feed the sheep, and the sheep were scattered for lack of shepherd. I will demand My sheep from those shepherds who are not feeding the sheep with the Word of God and with teaching and with sound doctrine and with the Truth, and cause them to cease from feeding sheep.

Yea, I am calling for those who have been convicted by the Spirit {redacted} that they are not equipped or anointed to govern and to administrate a church, to return to the place of function and anointing and calling I have ordained for them, and thereby allow those who I have anointed, appointed, called and endowed with the ability to govern, administrate, establish in sound doctrine, and to set in order, those who I have sent for such a task for such a time as this, allow these to perform their Divine assignment and to fulfill their ministry, and then I shall grant success and fruition and fulfillment of the vision.

The time for the changing of the guard has come. I have ordained this changing of the guard. Look and see around the world, the call for "perestroika," that is, "restructure," has come. [In many countries and former empires around the world] the old guard of leadership is being replaced by a new guard. Monarchy, totalitarianism, and dictatorial autocratic government are of the past and shall no longer be tolerated in My Kingdom, nor is it even being tolerated in the world among the nations of men.

When these foreordained renovations and changes have taken place in [My House], then shall come that great and mighty move of God which has been spoken, then shall come what you call "revival" in [My House] and throughout this geographical region. But, it shall never happen through the present form and structure. I am calling this day for structural reform and spiritual restoration. Those who have planted shall receive the reward preserved in Heaven for them, which is enough, for it is far greater than all the accumulated accolades of men. One has planted, and now another has been sent to do the watering, that is, the teaching and the laying down of foundational doctrines, so as to have sound doctrine, for I, Jesus, am the Truth, and have sent unto you the Spirit of Truth, who will guide you into all Truth.

It matters not to Me who supports and who defends who, mere human loyalties, which you consider so meritorious and righteous. It matters not to Me the numbers on this side or that, nor how many receive this word or reject it, for I shall bring forth My purposes and My will and My counsel in [My House], lest I smite it with a curse and it be destroyed. And, I am trumpeting forth a clear, clarion call that these things shall surely come to pass in order that [the works I have appointed] be established as sacred lampstand branches of My Church.

Otherwise, if those who have been stiff-necked resisters of the Holy Spirit continue to resist My Word, My Will, and My Way, I solemnly testify unto you today, that [those works and those places] shall surely be destroyed and brought to nought by My own hand. And, I shall bring swift judgment upon those who continue to resist what I am calling forth in [My House], yea, verily, verily, I say unto you, even death, for My Word has declared that if you continue to live by the flesh, you must die.

And, the Jezebels who refuse to repent, I will cast on a bed of sickness and affliction. And, even now many are weak, many are sick, and some are in jeopardy of dying before their time, because they have not rightly discerned the Body of Christ, its ministries, its structure, and its government, and my established order and authority.

And I will strive with you no longer — or do you not know that My patience and kindness and forbearance is meant to lead you to repentance? And, yet surely My purposes will be performed, in the House where they will obey Me, the House that I shall raise up and that I shall establish, and that shall be founded upon the pattern, upon the ordinance, and I shall prosper that house and those that I have called to bring forth My Word to feed the flock of God, who I have established in that House.

I have declared that I am shaking everything that can be shaken, even in [My House], for I am removing those things that can be shaken, as of created things, and which are not established upon the sold Rock of Truth. Though you get angry at the shaking and rebuke it and try to pray it away, and call it of Beezelbub, and chide and oppose those who are instruments and appointed implementers of the shaking, yea, it will not stop and it will not go away, saith the Lord, for I have ordained it, and no man can stop it. And, I will remove by My own hand all those who resist and rebel against the shaking I am bringing about.

Do not think I came to bring peace on the Earth, for I did not come to bring peace, but a Sword, the Sword of the Spirit, the Sword of Truth and Justice. This is not a time of peace, here or anywhere, but a time of war, a time of turbulence and upheaval and controlled convulsion, and it is not coming from the devil, but from the hand of God, for He Himself is shaking everything that can be shaken.

Some [among you] who love to be first among the people will say this Word is not from God, but merely the word of a man because of the supposed preeminence of the season, but the seasons you celebrate are times and seasons and days venerated and created by men, not God, and the matters of My Kingdom go on and have an urgency and have the preeminence, without deference to your seasons. Yea, the Lord says, the plan of some is like unto the plan of the people regarding the prophet Jeremiah, for you have said to one another, "Come let us devise a plan against Jeremiah....Come let us strike at him with our tongue, and let us give no heed to his words." For you have said among yourselves, "We will disregard and ignore the prophet who has come," and this is the counsel you have elicited from those with whom you are in league. But, you do err, saith the Lord, for you do not recognize that these are not merely the words of a man, but the Words of a messenger of the Lord, for the words that are in his mouth are My Words, saith the Lord, and I shall demonstrate with undeniable and irrefutable proofs that this is the Word of the Sovereign Lord and that you have conspired together to ignore Me and to reject Me and to disregard Me, saith the Lord Jesus.

I have brought forth a strong Word to you this day, but it is a Word of Divine counsel in complete accord with My Word; it is a Word of Divine Love, for I chastise those whom I love. But know and understand that these things are not mere suggestions, but commandments; not options among many options; for there are no options, this is My declared Way, saith the Lord, and it will either be My Way or no way, saith the Lord.

And if you will hearken unto this Word which I am speaking this day, immediately, and do not delay, you shall be blessed, you shall prosper, and I shall heal all your sicknesses and rebuke the devourer among you.

But, you must put Me first, above all else, for I will not take second place.

Obey and do not delay. Says the Lord of Hosts. [END]

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