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Item# Title Cass $8 CD $10
AR001 The Coming Apostolic-Prophetic Reformation
AR002 The Place of the Prophet in the Heart of God
AR003 Why the Church Needs Prophets Today
AR004 The Establishment of the Prophet in the Church
AR005 The Role of the Prophet in the Church
AR006 The Ministry of the Prophet
AR007 Gifts Vs. Offices — Understanding the Difference
AR008 The Prophetic Voice
AR009 Prophets of Power
AR010 Restoring the Apostolic-Prophetic Foundation
AR011 The Apostolic-Prophetic Foundation
AR012 The Apostles Are Coming!
AR013 The New Order In The Coming Reformation
AR014 Elijah To Elisha Anointing
AR015 Fivefold Ministry — Christ's Gift to the Church
AR016 New Wine = New Way
AR017 A Double Portion of the Power
AR018 God's Perestroika (Restructure)
AR019 Times of Restoration
AR020 The Coming Tidal Wave of Restoration
AR021 The Coming New Order (w/ Spanish Interpretation)
AR030 Exposing the Jezebel Spirit
AR031 Exposing the Covering Doctrine
AR033 Who Sends The Hurricanes?
AR034 Applying All Diligence
AR035 Our Warfare
AR037 Present Day Babylon
AR038 Holy Terrorists
AR039 Grumble and Gamble
AR040 How To Reign As Kings
AR041 The Curse of Idolatry
AR043 Moving Under The Anointing
AR044 Travail Unto Birth
AR045 Walking In The Spirit
AR050 Humble Yourselves Under the Mighty Hand of God
AR055 Order and Authority
AR056 The Idol of Jealousy
AR057 Fighting the Good Fight of Faith (w/ Spanish Interpretation)
AR060 Peace On Earth (Narration)
AR401 Deliverance From Fear (Part 1)
AR402 Deliverance From Fear (Part 2)
AR404 The Fountain of Life
AR41031 Going Higher In The Spirit
AR671-xx Deliverance School [Single Unit] (Specify Session # in comments section)
AR671-xx Deliverance School [4-Unit Bundles] (Specify Session #s in comments section)
AR671 Deliverance School [12-Unit Course] (Only Course #1 available at this time)
AR681-xx Prophetic School [Single Unit] (Specify Session # in comments section)
AR681-xx Prophetic School [4-Unit Bundles] (Specify Session #s in comments section)
AR681 Prophetic School [12-Unit Course] (Only Course #1 available at this time)

Item# Title # Units Cassette CD
AS001 Prophetic Course Instruction [6-Unit Set]
AS002 Prophetic Series (AR001-006) [6-Unit Set]
RTR5006 Dunamis-Power! Spirit-Baptism (Audio Book) [3-Unit Set]
RTR4001 New Things God is Doing [3-Unit Set]
RTR4003 Charismatic Captivation [3-Unit Set]
RTR5008 Fivefold Mandate [3-Unit Set]

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