"In my more than 50 years of ministry, I have never seen such a unique and comprehensive treatment of this matter of legitimate and illegitimate authority which has been so problematic to the Church throughout its history!  I highly recommend this book to all believers, including ministers.  Also we want you to know our intercessory prayer group had special prayer for you and this book that both would be used mightily around the world.  We are placing a bulk-order for the members of our Bible study group as well, as I am teaching from the book in that group."


"...While I was traveling on the train, the person next to me was reading a book called "Charismatic Captivation" (He was an American).  Quickly I borrowed it and read it and praise God for raising up His servant to write the truth and expose the deception that's going on...."


"I wanted to thank you on behalf of the entire Body of Christ for all the work and effort it took to write this monumental book. I am absolutely sure this book will go around the world, and one day be considered a classic! It cleared things up for me that have been nagging at my spirit and troubling me for years regarding the proper role of leaders in the lives of their followers! Thank you, thank you!"

North Dakota

"My sincere thanks for sending your book, is a fireball of truth!  ...Your dealing with the whole issue of covering and authority was wonderful!"

K. M.,

"...the hardest thing to deal with in all of this is the shame and humiliation of believing as truth something that was really control."

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