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How God’s Theocracy Manifests on Earth

Billions, in the last two millennia since Christ gave believers a model for prayer that became known as “The Lord’s Prayer,” have prayed, “Thy Kingdom come, Thy will be done, on Earth as it is in Heaven.” But, a rarefied few have prayed that portion of the prayer with knowledge of what it means and conviction that it would or even, if they were honest, could be answered. For most, it’s just a petition by rote, and they don’t really mean it. But, Jesus meant it when He instructed believers to pray that way and petition God in that regard. He really meant for us to petition God that His Kingdom come to Earth and that His Will be manifest on Earth as it is manifest in Heaven. The Government of the Kingdom of Heaven and God is the ultimate Theocracy. And, so when we are petitioning God for the manifestation of His Kingdom on Earth as Jesus instructed, we are asking (whether we understand it or not) that God’s Theocracy be manifest on the Earth. Yet, I would surmise it a reasonable assumption that the overwhelming majority of believers have not the slightest clue what God’s Theocracy is or how it does or would manifest on the Earth. This series of articles addresses that matter.

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