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Dr. Steven Lambert, Audiobook Narrator

Don’t Throw Away Your Confidence!

Sometimes, during the most intense times of ferociousness in the midst of the battle, even the strongest, most confident, and usually boldest leaders experience fleeting moments of fierce assault on their resolve and confidence in the rightness of and reasoning behind the decisions they have made—usually almost immediately after they’ve made them (cf., Mark 4:15). But, when those moments of severe testing come, the best of the best of leaders, vehemently resist the temptation to become the victim of the “paralysis of analysis” by inwardly doubling down on their resolve and exterminating the “little foxes” of fear, worry, doubt, and unbelief by trusting their gut-instincts and the knowledge, understanding, convictions that are all part of the rue that has made them a leader or leader of leaders.

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