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Dr. Steven Lambert, Audiobook Narrator

Gifts Vs. Offices (Part 2)

This appears to be your first visit to the SLM website — Welcome! We hope you enjoy your visit! This is second part of two-part series aimed at demonstrating that there are distinct and vital differences between the nine Manifestation Gifts, aka, the Charismata or Gifts of the Spirit, enumerated in Scripture and the five […]

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The Restoration of the Fivefold Ministry Offices

This is the fourth part of a series on the matter of the Fivefold Ministry Offices. In the previous part we examined The Demise of the Fivefold Ministry Offices in Church history. In this part we will discuss the prophesied restoration that would take place in Church history, which would eventually include the restoration of […]

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Dr. Steven Lambert

The Demise of the Fivefold Ministry Offices

The holistic abrogation, subversion, and replacement of the Fivefold Ministry Offices through which Jesus intended for the Church He was building to be governed and spiritually edified with a humanly contrived and appointed ecclesiastical hierarchy of human clerics what were neither anointed nor appointed by God to lead and instruct the Church is the primary cause behind the twelve centuries of spiritual debacle and deconstruction known as The Dark Ages.

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The Role of Fivefold Ministry (Part 2)

Fivefold Ministry is a matter frequently alluded to from the pulpit within many Charismatic and other Neo-Pentecostal churches and circles. Notwithstanding, such allusions appear to be little more than oratorical rhetoric, for the most part, because few churches make an earnest attempt to incorporate Fivefold Ministry within their ministry and structure. Certainly, I have never yet seen it in full and proper operation anywhere. Rather, for the most part according to what I have heard and witnessed, Fivefold Ministry and its function remains to be a shadowy and little understood matter to the majority of ministers, not to mention lay believers, including even those claiming to be Charismatic. Oh, some say they believe there is such a thing as Fivefold Ministry, which is more than can be said for the vast majority of so-called “mainline” and Evangelical denominational ministers. However, most Charismatic ministers have what could only be referred to as a cursory understanding of these Ascension Gifts of Christ and how the Bible prescribes they are to function and flow together, and very few of them have incorporated all of those ministry offices into their rightful place of function within the structure of their local church.

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Dr. Steven Lambert

The Role of Fivefold Ministry

Click on the arrow in the player below to listen to the author’s narration of this article: Your browser does not support iFrames, please click here to access our media center.   Fivefold Ministry is the ongoing surrogate ministry of Christ Himself to the Church—His Betrothed. All legitimate ministry emanates from Jesus Himself and is […]

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