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The Signs of an Emotionally Emasculated Man

This appears to be your first visit to the SLM website — Welcome! We hope you enjoy your visit! Note by Dr. Lambert: This article identifies a matter—emotional emasculation—that has been a very troubling matter in modern American culture for several decades now. But, what is even more troubling to us is its incursion into the […]

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Why Hurt People Hurt People

An entire discipline related to trauma-related disorders and syndromes now exists in the mental health realm. Post Traumatic Stress Syndrome (PTSD) is perhaps the most known among non-professionals. The ramifications and tenacles of trauma, mental health scientists and professionals are continuously learning, is extremely far-reaching in the psychological make-up of individuals who have suffered it. Moreover, the numbers and demographics of those suffering from various forms and degrees of trauma-related mental health problems are staggering and astounding. The number one result of trauma to the human psyche, simply stated, is an inner “hurt” or “pain.” And the most common result of that hurt or pain is that “hurt people hurt people.” While mental health practitioners are worthy of great respect and recognition for their labor to recognize and attempts to help people suffering from trauma-related maladies, those of us who serve the Champion of our Salvation, the Great Deliverer, the Lord Jesus Christ, know that the only real “CURE” comes from the Lord! “Whosoever shall call upon the Name of the Lord, SHALL BE DELIVERED!” the Word of God states categorically! This article Joseph Mattera delineates some very insightful common traits of those operating out of hurt and pain.

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Demigod Leaders

WARNING! God’s putting His prophetic finger on a major problem plaguing the Church Jesus is building! Celebrity cult-status leaders — who act like spiritual divas and present themselves as demigods, based in arrogance, ascendancy, supremacy, and narcissism that has convinced them they are better and above everyone else — are on the rise in the American Church. You’ve seen them…they’re so important that, like “gangsta” subculture “homies” or mob mafiosos, they must be accompanied by an entourage of sycophants and bodyguards wherever they go to enforce their inaccessibility—even to peers, staff, and collegues—and to reinforce their self-proclaimed status and public image. Unaccountable islands to themselves who can’t be bothered with the mere plebian masses. “Wandering stars, for whom the black darkness has been reserved forever,” Jude called their ilk.

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Egotism and Narcissism in Ministry

Over time in the ministry you have opportunities to meet and know people in various forms of ministry and ancillary fields of endeavor such as Christian entertainment of various levels of notoriety. My beginnings in the ministry afforded me perhaps more opportunities than most in that regard. One of the observations I was forced to […]

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