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Dr. Steven Lambert

Disarmament or Discernment?

This appears to be your first visit to the SLM website — Welcome! We hope you enjoy your visit! Cajoling the foe to disarm, thereby rendering him defenseless against his diabolic deceptions and dastardly designs of captivation, has been the ploy of the enemy for time immemorial, whether in the sociological systems of the world […]

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False Unity and the Lakeland Revival Cult (Part 2)

Finally and mercifully, the “strong delusion” known as “The Lakeland Outpouring” or “Lakeland Healing Revival” is no more, after its main leader, Todd Bentley, has been exposed as the charlatan that Biblically-grounded and spiritually-discerning believers always knew him to be. In “ONE DAY,” the farcical charade Bentley passed off as “ministry” emanating from the Holy […]

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False Unity and the Lakeland Revival Cult (Part 1)

The so-called “Lakeland Healing Revival” has produced a new cult of dogmatic religious zealots, who claim to be “Christians” birthing a “new form” of Christianity. They speak the words, the phrases, the idioms, the expressions associated with Christianity, but their doctrine, or teaching, their theology, their ways, the values and culture they advocate and promote are all far from comporting with orthodox or genuine Christianity. Plain and simple, this whole phenomenon is nothing but just another of the long list of “Christian cults” that have sprung up in church history. To the discerning and experienced, the signs of cultism are all there—glowing and flashing like a neon sign.

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Florida Wildfires and “Lakeland Wildfire”

Audio Controls: (Click to hear audio of this post) [Audio clip: view full post to listen] In July of 2007 I posted an article about the Florida Fires that were happening then. In the article, I told about an open vision God gave me regarding the State of Florida three years before in 2004. Click […]

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