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America Under Attack

It was surreal for all Americans as well as people around the world to watch the events unfold on the TV screen, but especially to me personally, in that the WTC collapsing and decimation in a vital section of Manhattan was essentially a replay of what I saw in the dream. Without launching into detailed account of what the Lord has shown me concerning end time events particularly in this country, I will say that I believe these horrific acts of barbarism perpetrated against not only the bastion of freedom but also against the very precept of democracy are the beginning of a series of events that will precipitate international actions that will result in massive and wholesale global geo-political upheaval and modification; that is, “tribulation,” if you will. Tribulation that will cast the entire world into unprecedented trepidation, uncertainty, and a sense of insecurity the likes of which has not been known since World War II, and in many ways greater.

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Dr. Steven Lambert, Audiobook Narrator

About Personal Prophecy

This appears to be your first visit to the SLM website — Welcome! We hope you enjoy your visit! Though the matter of personal prophecy is by far the element of the prophetic realm of greatest interest to the vast majority of Spirit-Baptized believers, it is not the most important. Nevertheless, personal prophecy is part […]

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Beware of the Angry Watchmen

There is a false revival on the rise. It is the rise of the angry watchman who will cast stones at those who have gone astray from the Lord. This false revival consists of ministers who have led people away from the truth through legalism and a misguided prosperity gospel. They will forbid and command prodigals not to come into the presence of God until you work your way back into His favor through human effort and religion. We must not remove the veil from the bride of Christ. We have a righteousness that cannot be taken away from us because Jesus is our veil.

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Dr. Steven Lambert, Audiobook Narrator

Prophetic Purpose

With all the proliferation and promotion of the prophetic that is happily taking place now in some streams and camps of the Church, it is critical that we understand what the true purpose of the prophetic really is. Some prophetic novices and new prophetic groups appear to think that prophecy itself, whether in the form of personal prophesying over people or publishing prophecies on the Internet, for example, is the goal of the prophetic. Moreover, the actions, attitudes, and speech of some regarding the prophetic seem to indicate they think that the prophetic is an end in itself. But, it’s not.

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Prophetic Irresponsibility

Editorial Foreword [By Dr. Steven Lambert]: Prophetic Publishing Responsibility. While browsing through some articles published on a partnering ministry’s email messaging group site, I stumbled upon the following article, with which I wholeheartedly agree, and felt an urgency and unction of the Spirit to share it here. I am republishing it by permission of the […]

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The Prophetic and Present Truth

The Charismatic Movement brought forth a restoration of and renewed awareness in the “Charismata” or Manifestation Gifts of the Spirit. However, at the close of the 20th Century, God began a systematic restoration of the office of the prophet back into its proper place of function within the Church that Jesus is building. What became […]

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Polemic Prophetic Preaching

In an earlier post in which I was commenting on matters inherent in the Grassley Investigation, I wrote: “A ‘Day of Reckoning’ is surely coming to many irresponsible and unscrupulous ministries.” I prophesied that we are about see a fulfillment of the Prophet Malachi’s prophecy (Mal. 3) in the Church that will begin with the […]

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