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Dr. Steven Lambert, Audiobook Narrator

The Evil Face of OUR Adversary!

The two untouched photographs above, published by national news services, capture the massive explosions of the World Trade Center twin towers on Manhattan Island after two terrorist-hijacked commercial airline planes slammed into the world famous 140-story skyscrapers. Readily discernible in the fire and smoke of the explosion, from both of the different perspectives of the photos, is the evil face of the true adversary behind these unspeakably dastardly deeds. These amazing photos ostensibly bear the very image of Satan himself, and presumably are God’s miraculous proof to us of the evil one’s existence and that he is the ultimate “terrorist” behind the hatred-driven havoc wreaked upon America on September 11, 2001. The image on the left bears the devil’s face against the backdrop of a distorted cross, representative of Satan’s counterfeit portrayals of himself as the Messiah. The image on the right bears a lion-like face a la the Biblical description of the devil who roams about on Earth “AS a roaring lion,” mimicking “The Lion of the Tribe of Judah,” and deceiving multitudes of untaught into believing that it is The Lion of the Tribe of Judah who is perpetrating the diabolical schemes that he himself, Satan, authors.

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America Under Attack

It was surreal for all Americans as well as people around the world to watch the events unfold on the TV screen, but especially to me personally, in that the WTC collapsing and decimation in a vital section of Manhattan was essentially a replay of what I saw in the dream. Without launching into detailed account of what the Lord has shown me concerning end time events particularly in this country, I will say that I believe these horrific acts of barbarism perpetrated against not only the bastion of freedom but also against the very precept of democracy are the beginning of a series of events that will precipitate international actions that will result in massive and wholesale global geo-political upheaval and modification; that is, “tribulation,” if you will. Tribulation that will cast the entire world into unprecedented trepidation, uncertainty, and a sense of insecurity the likes of which has not been known since World War II, and in many ways greater.

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