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Concinnity Christian Counseling & Deliverance Center

Are you a Born Again Christian who loves the Lord and truly desires to serve Him, but yet have not been able to find the freedom from vexing mental, emotional, or behavioral problems you know you should have, despite all your best efforts at liberation?
Are you sometimes filled with anger, rage, hatred, bitterness, resentment, and murderous desires, including thoughts of taking your own life?
Do you have compulsive habits, addictions, or perversions in your life that control you, rather than you being able to control them?
Is your mind frequently filled with thoughts of defeat, despondency, and hopelessness?
Is your mind frequently bombarded with debilitating or paralyzing fears?
Despite being a sincere Christian, do you find yourself repeating a cycle of behaviors or circumstances of ancestors or relatives?
Do you live day after day under the heavy weight of guilt, shame, condemnation, and despondency, despite the fact that you know that a Christian's life should not be this way?
Are you truly at your wit's end and crying out for God to set you free from all of these destructive and demoralizing problems?

If any of these descriptions apply to you, there's four things you need to know:

You are by no means alone! There are many Christians just like you.
There is hope! Jesus can not only help you, but He is well able to completely heal and make you happy.
We can help you! Our qualified, professional, and experienced Christian counselors are able and eager to help you.
The only way we can't help you, is if you don't call!

Our counseling and deliverance services are available to you in two forms, both by appointment:

In person office sessions: 1-hour sessions @ $60 per session*. Initial 1/2-Hour consultation: $30*. (Preferred and most effective method, especially when deliverance is involved.)
Toll-Free Telephonic (non-local residents): 30-minute sessions @ $50 per session*. Initial 15-minute consultation: $25*. (We will give you the Toll-Free number to call for your telephonic counseling session when you call to set your appointment.)
Prophetic Word: As the Lord directs and leads, Dr. Lambert will seek the Lord for a prophetic word for your life or a prophetic healing. Further information will be given you when you call.
[* We never "charge" for ministry; all amounts cited are requested donations.]

  All major credit cards accepted. 

Appointment Line: For both forms of counseling and prophetic words: 1-561-575-7404. (Please see important note below)

Office Address: 801 Maplewood Dr, Suite 16, Jupiter, FL 33458 | Map & Directions

Deliverance Questionnaire
— Please download, complete, and fax this form to our office at 1-561-575-0749, before you call to request an appointment, whether by phone or in person. After we have reviewed the form, we will call you to set up an appointment.

Counseling Questionnaire — Please download, complete, and fax this form to our office at 1-561-575-0749, after you have obtained an appointment for phone counseling, or bring it with you for office sessions.)

Deliverance From Demonic Powers Ebook — For more information regarding deliverance, we highly recommend you download this Ebook and read it prior to counseling appointments, especially if deliverance is known or suspected to be involved in your counseling. The Ebook is available for immediate download.

If you prefer and there is time prior to your appointment, a hardcopy is also available —> Deliverance From Demonic Powers Booklet.

Also check out DeliveranceNow.Com, a leading portal of associated deliverance ministries.


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