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Welcome to Real Truth Publications!

Here you will find information about the high-quality professional writing and editing services as well as publishing services we offer at affordable rates that are far below industry standards.
Do you have a book manuscript you've written, that needs professional editing to improve its readability and marketability?

Are you a minister with a special word or teaching, or a believer with a special testimony you want to publish, but need professional help writing or editing it? Well, that's where we can help!

Real Truth Publications can help you with any kind of writing and editing need you may have, with professionalism, accuracy, knowledge, speed, and at very competitive rates. Here are the services and rates we offer:

(From material provided by client; editing/copyediting included)
1-49 pages (writing/editing/copyediting) $50 per page
50-99 pages (writing/editing/copyediting) $45 per page
100+ pages (writing/editing/copyediting) $40 per page
(Existing manuscripts)
Editing/copyediting (10 page min.) $20 per page
Editing only (no copyediting provided) $15 per page
Copyediting only (no editing provided) $5 per page
Other: Final Revisions Fee (client redline) $100
Format Conversion Fee (if not MS Word) $50
Editorial Consultation $30 / hr

Need writing and/or editing services now?

There's really no need to look any further! Real Truth Publications can provide you with top quality professional and Spirit-attuned, theologically-accurate writing and editing services at rates far below the industry standard.

Click here to purchase writing/editing services online and
upload your files to Real Truth Publications in just a few clicks.

Have a manuscript ready to be published?

Real Truth Publications can help you get your book published quickly with unsurpassed professional quality at a very low, affordable, and competitive price. In as little as 30 days, we can have your book published and copies in your hands to sell through your own ministry, and available for ordering by bookstores, online booksellers such as Amazon.com and Barnes & Noble, as well as libraries through their normal distributors in any quantity as small as a single unit. The recent revolutionary wonder of Print-On-Demand Digital Printing technology has changed the publishing world forever, making "short run," or small-quantity publishing, financially feasible, and opening to virtually everyone the opportunity of self-publishing!

So now Real Truth Publications can provide all the writing/editing and publishing services you need to get your book into print...FAST!  Contact us today for a publishing quote!

Publish Your Life Legacy!

Our publishing division can work with you to publish your or your loved one's life legacy in both print and digital formats to preserve their memory and celebrate their life for posterity!

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