Charismatic Captivation
By Dr. Steven Lambert

the black & white
Real Truth
authoritarian abuse
in Neo-Pentecostal churches!


Chapter One
Introduction: The Problem, Prediction, & Premise

In Chapter One of CHARISMATIC CAPTIVATION, Dr. Lambert explains the purpose and intents of this intriguing, no-holds-barred book, as well as recounts some of the events and personal experiences that precipitated and impelled its writing. He also delineates in this opening chapter the reasons it took eighteen years to finally heed the call of God to publish the profound, provocative, but prophetic message of CHARISMATIC CAPTIVATION directed to a Church which still does not take kindly to reproof and correction.

The author makes it clear this volume was written to bring healing and not hurt, much in the same way a surgeon must wound by incision in order to remove an offending cancer. In no way is this book merely a medium for "Charismatic-bashing." Though the approach is straightforward, the attitude and undertone of the work is neither castigating, caustic, nor condemnatory. Rather, it was written with mercy and compassion, not only toward victims of these hyper-authoritarian doctrines and devices, but also toward their practitioners. Notwithstanding, the author also categorically declares it was—

"written in response to a Divine call to trumpet forth a Divine warning that God will no longer tolerate the devious devices of those who twist and pervert Scripture in order to justify the "lording over" of their fellow brethren which they practice purportedly "in the name of the Lord" and under the guise of some demented form of "authority" for their own purely self-aggrandizing purposes of building their own private kingdoms in which they subjugate unto themselves the Sheep of God’s Flock!"


The Mystery of the Kingdom, By Steven Lambert, ThD Steven Lambert, ThD is an ordained minister, author of numerous books and teaching publications, an editor, and publisher of two E-zines, The Real Truth Digest and Prophetic Perspective Bulletin. Insight concerning Church government, Divine Order, the coming restoration, and ministry issues are the hallmark of his ministry. This is a sample chapter from his book, Charismatic Captivation, which may be ordered through this website using the PayPal® payment service or by mail/fax using our order form. Dr. Lambert may be contacted by E-mail at:

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