Charismatic Captivation
By Dr. Steven Lambert
the black & white
Real Truth
about authoritarian abuse
in many churches!

Table of Contents

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Chapter 1: The Problem, Prediction, & Premise [HTML] /  [PDF Version] (Synopsis Online)
Chapter 2: The Discipleship/Shepherding Movement [HTML] (Synopsis Online)
Chapter 3: Nicolaitanism (Synopsis Online)
Chapter 4: Erroneous Concept #1: Authority (Synopsis Online)
Chapter 5: Erroneous Concept #2: "Spiritual Covering" (Synopsis Online)
Chapter 6: Erroneous Concept #3: "Unity" (Synopsis Online)
Chapter 7: Erroneous Concept #4: Role of the Laity (Synopsis Online)
Chapter 8: Erroneous Concept #5: Role of Fivefold Ministry (Synopsis Online)
Chapter 9: The Signs of Authoritarian Abuse & Common Control Mechanisms (Synopsis Online)
Chapter 10: Religious Enslavement: Sorcery [PDF Version] (Synopsis Online)
Chapter 11: The Illegitimacy of Religious Enslavement (Synopsis Online)
Chapter 12: The 15 "Rs" of Recovery from Authoritarian Abuse (Synopsis Online)

PDF Info Sheet

By Steven Lambert, ThD
Publisher: Real Truth Publications
ISBN 1-887915-00-1 / 308pp
US $18 / CAN $21
(Excluding S/H)
New Revised Edition now shipping.
Available to booksellers worldwide via distributor.
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