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By Dr. Steven Lambert

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Chapter Five
ERRONEOUS CONCEPT #2: "Spiritual Covering"

Chapter Five is dedicated to the second key erroneous concept upon which the anomalistic Discipleship/Shepherdship teachings and practices are predicated, which is the matter of so-called "spiritual covering," as it is theorized under the auspices of these teachings.

In this chapter, Dr. Lambert proves the Discipleship/Shepherdship concept of "spiritual covering," on the basis of its complete incongruity with Scripture, to be a patently false, Antichrist, "doctrine of demons" that is contrived by "deceiving spirits." Sadly, despite its utter unScripturality, however, this false precept has been seared "as with a branding iron" nearly indelibly into the conscience of many Charismatic believers by the relentless indoctrination of deceived and deceiving spiritual leaders.

The Shepherdship concept of "spiritual covering" postulates that the leader of the group, and by extension the church-group itself, is the members' "spiritual covering," which covering somehow provides spiritual protection and blessing to the members. Thus, members are indoctrinated to believe that if they ever leave the group, they will be "uncovered" and forfeit the benefits of their "spiritual covering."

The specter of calamity and destruction, which is constantly reinforced by "war stories" involving "rebels" who went AWOL from the group and who suffered horrible consequences as a direct result of their "rebellion," is used as a very effective fear tactic to keep members entrapped in the group and to make them fearful of ever entertaining thoughts of leaving the group.

The author explains in this chapter why, when a ministry or minister purports to provide "spiritual covering" to believers, a la this doctrine, the result is spiritual idolatry and spiritual adultery. Indeed, he also addresses in this chapter another highly disturbing and unfortunate aspect of this heretical teaching, which is the fact that it has been used by some unscrupulous leaders as license for sexually-related authoritarian-abuse of naive parishioners who have been duped into accepting the ludicrous idea that their leaders' authority is absolute, sacrosanct, and inviolable.


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