Charismatic Captivation
By Dr. Steven Lambert

the black & white
Real Truth
authoritarian abuse
in Neo-Pentecostal churches!


Chapter Twelve
The 15 R's of Recovery From Authoritarian Abuse

The culminating chapter of CHARISMATIC CAPTIVATION offers exhortation to the entrapped and enslaved. The keynote of the chapter is what Dr. Lambert terms "The 15 R's of Recovery from Authoritarian Abuse," which are steps he recommends victims of authoritarian abuse take in order to recover from the traumatic wounds and effects of the maltreatment and mistreatment to which they have been subjected.

The objective of the overtures proffered in this chapter is to restore in these victims of authoritarian abuse and exploitation the child-like faith and trust in God they once enjoyed, as well as to return them to their "first love," Jesus Himself, and the place of spiritual "rest" wherein they are once again malleable in the loving, thoroughly trustworthy hands of the Master.

In this, the culminating and perhaps paramount portion of the book, Dr. Lambert draws upon his experience of having ministered to many victims of "Charismatic captivation," extending on behalf of the Good Shepherd a hand of both love and liberation. Yet, he also offers the clear, concise, and specific counsel and direction reeling and confused victims need to get on the track of spiritual restoration and reconstruction of their lives.

The Mystery of the Kingdom, By Steven Lambert, ThD Steven Lambert, ThD is an ordained minister, author of numerous books and teaching publications, an editor, and publisher of two E-zines, The Real Truth Digest and Prophetic Perspective Bulletin. Insight concerning Church government, Divine Order, the coming restoration, and ministry issues are the hallmark of his ministry. This is a sample chapter from his book, Charismatic Captivation, which may be ordered through this website using the PayPal® payment service or by mail/fax using our order form. Dr. Lambert may be contacted by E-mail at:

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