Charismatic Captivation
By Dr. Steven Lambert

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authoritarian abuse
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Chapter Nine
The Signs of Authoritarian Abuse & Common Control Mechanisms

In this pivotal Chapter Nine, Dr. Lambert identifies and explains the Signs of Authoritarian Abuse and the Common Control Mechanisms employed by cults, which, unfortunately, are precisely the same mechanisms employed in Christian groups and churches practicing these hyper-authoritarian doctrines. Being able to recognize these techniques and mechanisms is essential for a believer to avoid becoming a victim of such unauthorized predomination and control by any group or leader.

Nearly as important as the nature of the mechanisms themselves, however, are the reasons they are so effective in the case of genuine believers, as well as the reasons some believers are so susceptible to becoming victims of such predomination by spiritual leaders, which matters are also expounded upon in this segment of the book.

The author asserts that some Charismatic and Neo-Pentecostal groups employ these mechanisms of control so overtly that they essentially have become a cult. He also points out that the bedrock of these authoritarian teachings is the fallacious concept of "absolute authority." That, coupled with the enslaving organizational structure these doctrines promote, is what makes these mechanisms so effectual and effective.

In addition, Dr. Lambert explains that the primary force through which these mechanisms of manipulation and domination are perpetrated is fear, and that this in itself is the unmistakable signature of Satan. Generally speaking, these doctrines instill the fear of man with regard to human spiritual leaders, and "the fear of man," Scripture indicates, "brings a snare." Indeed, victims of these mechanisms of predomination have been ensnared by this Charismatic captivation.

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