Charismatic Captivation
By Dr. Steven Lambert

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Chapter Eleven
The Illegitimacy of Religious Enslavement

Demonstrating the utter illegitimacy of every form of ecclesiastical enslavement is the objective of this portion of CHARISMATIC CAPTIVATION. Here Dr. Lambert delineates some of the more significant Biblical pronouncements and warnings against predomination and control by leaders over those they are supposed to be shepherding on behalf of the Chief Shepherd. Jesus Christ Himself is the King of kings and Lord of lords, thus, no human leader is authorized to "lord over" the innocent sheep of the Flock of God. Those who do, are Antichrist usurpers, who will be judged by the true Lord whose lordship they are usurping.

Nevertheless, the sheep themselves also have a responsibility to ensure they do not subject themselves to a "yoke of slavery." The author echoes in this chapter some of the poignant Scriptural admonitions given unto believers to avoid becoming "slaves of men," and to avoid returning to the bondage of the "spirit of slavery" from which Christ has emancipated us. God's Word instructs us that the only thing believers are supposed to be constrained by is the love of God.

Readers are furthermore reminded that believers are sons, not slaves, and that we are to be willing "slaves," or subservients, only of God and righteousness. Every believer is a "joint-heir with Christ," which means he or she shares a co-equality in terms of spiritual inheritance, not only with every other fellow-believer, but also with Jesus Himself. There is diversity among believers in terms of function, responsibilities, giftings, and anointings, yet all believers are co-equal in the Kingdom of God. Thus, no believer is authorized to "lord over" any other believer. Instead of receiving the burdensome and oppressive "yoke of slavery" or religious enslavement by men, Jesus invited us to take upon ourselves His "yoke," which He said was "easy" and "light."

The Mystery of the Kingdom, By Steven Lambert, ThD Steven Lambert, ThD is an ordained minister, author of numerous books and teaching publications, an editor, and publisher of two E-zines, The Real Truth Digest and Prophetic Perspective Bulletin. Insight concerning Church government, Divine Order, the coming restoration, and ministry issues are the hallmark of his ministry. This is a sample chapter from his book, Charismatic Captivation, which may be ordered through this website using the PayPal® payment service or by mail/fax using our order form. Dr. Lambert may be contacted by E-mail at:

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