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Writing/Editing Services Purchase Page

The table below allows you to purchase the writing/editing services you need through Paypal™ by simply clicking on the "Add To Cart" button next to the service you want to purchase. When you click on the button, a pop-up box will pop up containing your Shopping Cart for your selections. When you have selected all the services you wish to purchase, click on the CHECK OUT button on the Shopping Cart to proceed to the payment part of the process.


• You must insert the number of pages* of your document in the QUANTITY box on the Shopping Cart for writing and editing services purchases. All pages, including front and back matter pages, must be included in the count.
• The Telephonic Editorial Consultation Fee is calculated on the basis of ˝ hour segments and you must enter the number of segments in the QUANTITY box on the Shopping Cart
(ex: 1 hr = 2 segments x $30 = $60).

* Manuscript pages are required to be double-spaced with one-inch universal margins on 8˝x11 paper.

After you have completed purchasing the services you need for your project and completed the checkout at Paypal™, you will be redirected back to this page. At that time, scroll down the page to the section below the Purchases Table to the File Submission Section, which is a two step process. First, complete and send the Project Information Submission Form, and then click on the "Email File" button and send us the electronic file of your manuscript attached to an email, which will complete the process.

When we have received notification of your payment from Paypal™ and have received your uploaded file, we will contact you by email to acknowledge receipt of your payment and the file, and to inform you of our estimated turn-around time for your project. If you have purchased a Editorial Consultation time, we will give you three (3) time blocks you may choose from for your consultation call, and provide you the number to call.

(Paypal™ is the preferred method of payment, but if, for whatever reason, you prefer not to use Paypal™, which includes payment by e-checks. You may also pay by check or Money Order mailed to mailing address below (must clear bank before work will be started). All services must be prepaid; no refunds.)

Writing/Editing Services Purchase Table
Note: Enter number of pages in shopping cart for all per page purchases.
Writing Services:
(writing/editing/copyediting included).
1-49 pages $12/pg
50-99 pages $11/pg
100+ pages $10/pg
Editing/Copyediting Services:
(Existing manuscripts)
Editing/copyediting $8/pg
Editing only $6/pg
Copyediting only $5/pg
Other Services/Fees: Final Revisions Fee $100
Format Conversion Fee $50
Editorial Consultation $30/˝ hr


File Submission Section


(All fields are required. If not applicable leave "N/A" in box.)

  First & Last Name
  Your E-Mail Address
  Phone number with area code (if USA)
  Street Address 1
  Address 2
  State   Zip
  Province/Region (if not US or CAN)
  Other:   Country
  Postal Code (if not USA)

Is/Are the file(s) you are submitting in MSWord Format? yes  no

If not (above), did you pay the Format Conversion Fee? yes  no


Thank you for the File Submission Information!
Now click on the Email Button below to send us your file.

File Submission:

Thank you for your submission!


We will contact you by email within two (2) business days (weekends & holidays excluded) to discuss the details of your project and to obtain any additional information from you that we may need to complete your project.

  SLM Inc • P.O. Box 911 • Jupiter FL 33468-0911

Copyright 2005 [SLM INC]. All rights reserved. Posted: 04/23/08